We are proud to announce a collaboration with TWD, a leading Offshore Method Engineering & Equipment Design company, to help us with our next steps towards our mission to restore Arctic sea ice. Recognizing the urgency of this issue, TWD has offered its expertise in solving complex engineering challenges with a structured approach to Arctic Reflections. 

TWD is an engineering company specialized in method engineering and equipment design, active in offshore wind, heavy civils, heavy lift & transport and vessel outfitting. Within the industry they are known for being bold, flexible, and creative, which is of course just what we need to accomplish our bold mission to restore Arctic sea ice. TWD’s contributions will include structuring the developments of Arctic Reflections with project management tools, providing creative and pragmatic engineering assistance for our technical, and logistical challenges and providing practical assistance in preparation of the Arctic tests. 

“The partnership between TWD and Arctic Reflections reflects a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and technological innovation,” said Niels Rombout, Director at TWD. “We are excited to collaborate closely with Arctic Reflections in optimizing and validating their initiatives through method engineering and equipment design.” 

“In a joint Design Challenge, we already got the opportunity to ‘pick the brains’ of the smart people at TWD,” adds Fonger Ypma, Founder/CEO of Arctic Reflections. “This partnership will help us with our technology roadmap, and assessing feasibility of different options with a structured approach.” 

For more information on the partnership, visit https://twd.nl/articles/twd-assists-arctic-reflections-with-method-engineering-to-thicken-arctic-sea-ice/