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Arctic Reflections isn’t just a startup; it’s a bold journey towards restoring Arctic Sea ice and combating global warming. We’re committed to creating an impact and shaping a sustainable future for our planet.

At Arctic Reflections, we look for individuals with a drive to make a difference. You’ll be empowered to explore, experiment, and pioneer solutions that challenge convention. Your contributions will directly impact our mission, allowing you to see the fruits of your labor in real-time.

We encourage autonomy, initiative, and resourcefulness. Every team member at Arctic Reflections has the chance to stretch their skills, take on new responsibilities, and contribute meaningfully to our collective goals. It’s an environment where your ideas are valued, and your initiative drives progress.

We offer a chance to immerse yourself in cutting-edge research and hands-on field tests. You’ll work alongside experts in various fields, learning and growing through practical experiences that are both challenging and rewarding.

If you’re passionate about making a tangible impact on the world and eager to drive your own growth, join us on this thrilling expedition towards a sustainable future.

Job openings

Thank you for your interest, but there are no job openings available at this time. Please check back soon.

We are always open to smart engineering students who want to intern with us. Applications can be sent to