Amsterdam, 18th of October 2023

CarbonFix, an organization that fights climate change by supporting innovations with great potential to reduce or capture carbon emissions, is pleased to announce financial support for Arctic Reflections, an initiative with an unconventional mission to restore Arctic Sea ice. This partnership marks an important step towards addressing the urgent issue of global warming and its impact on our planet.

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, and the Arctic region is particularly vulnerable to its effects. The melting of Arctic Sea ice not only threatens the delicate ecosystems of the region but also contributes significantly to rising global temperatures. Arctic Reflections is pioneering an innovative approach to combat climate change by restoring Arctic Sea ice, and CarbonFix is proud to support this daring initiative.

Arctic Reflections’ unconventional method involves pumping sea water on top of the sea ice in winter, to accelerate natural ice growth, and have more reflective ice left in summer. This approach has the potential to restore summer Arctic Sea ice and thereby mitigate the effects of global warming in the region.

The financial support by CarbonFix will be allocated for conducting an ecological impact assessment and a lifecycle analysis to ensure that the project’s environmental impact is thoroughly understood and minimized. Consequently, funds will be utilized to fund a comprehensive field test at Svalbard, where the impact of Arctic ice thickening will be validated in a real-life setting. This field test will provide valuable data and insights into the feasibility and effectiveness of Arctic Reflections’ unique approach.

“CarbonFix is committed to supporting bold, innovative solutions that have the potential to make a significant impact on carbon emissions and global warming,” said Siemon van den Berg, Chairman at CarbonFix. “Arctic Reflections’ mission aligns perfectly with our vision, and we believe that their approach to Arctic Sea ice restoration may hold great promise in the fight against climate change and its impact needs to be better understood.”

“We are thrilled to have CarbonFix as a strategic partner in our mission to restore Arctic Sea ice,” said Fonger Ypma, Founder and CEO of Arctic Reflections. “Their investment and support will enable us to conduct crucial field tests and assessments that will bring us closer to our goal of counteracting global warming through innovative means.”

Arctic Reflections and CarbonFix are excited to work together to address the critical issue of climate change and to explore new ways to restore and protect the Arctic environment.

About CarbonFix

CarbonFix aims to be the catalyst that drives significant climate solutions by offering monetary support to bold initiatives in their very early phases. Projects that are practical and supported by science but have not yet been given support by commercial investors or government subsidies. CarbonFix provides grants and founder friendly loans for entrepreneurs to bridge this gap.

About Arctic Reflections

Arctic Reflections is on a mission to restore Arctic Sea ice to counter global warming, rooted in science. It was founded by Dutch impact entrepreneurs Fonger Ypma and Tom Meijeraan, and is based in Delft, Netherlands. Through innovative approaches and unconventional methods, the organization aims to restore the delicate balance of the Arctic environment and combat the effects of climate change in one of the world’s most critical regions.`